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dental treatment?

Why choose us?

At Robinhood Dental practice, we really do care about your dental health and understanding your concerns, needs and wishes. We invite you to come in, just look around the practice, meet our friendly team and have a chat!

Friendly & Professional Team

Our team members are chosen for their professionalism and their positive, caring and friendly approach. We are all guided by certain basic principles in the way that we act and operate. We will do our very best to make your visit a pleasant experience to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home with us.

Advanced Technology 

At Robin Hood dental practice we realise that modern technology is always expanding, changing and improving. As such, we always endeavor to embrace new knowledge and best practice with the latest technologies in order to provide predictable and successful clinical care in the safest environment.

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Dental implants

Can you implant happiness? Dental implants are now becoming the preferred option by most to replace missing teeth. We hold special interests in the placement of dental implants and can design your crown based upon your preference and aesthetic desires.

Cosmetic treatments and smile design

Our crown and cosmetic treatments are hand crafted artistically to blend flawlessly with the remaining teeth in your mouth.

Teeth straightening

We know the importance of your smile and we can help you get that perfect smile that you've always wanted. We offer quick straight teeth solutions by offering a variety of both ceramic and clear braces to help you achieve the perfect smile within 4-6 months.