Advanced Dental Care

Occasionally where patients have advanced problems, they may require a combination of different disciplines in dentistry. We start by aiming for a good foundation by stabilising the disease process and addressing the cause of your problems head on.

Dr Notta’s experienced team of hygienists, therapists, laboratory technicians and dental proffesionals work together to reach a goal that is both long lasting and attainable by offering clinically proven methods that can bring most advanced cases back to both superior form, function and aesthetics.

Case Studies

Photo 1 

This patient attended complaining of his mal-aligned front teeth that were discoloured. He refused any brace treatment. He had to visit the dentist regularly to have fillings replaced and this was due to the decay present underneath the fillings.

Photo 2

With a combination of teeth whitening, crowns and gingival recon touring the patient was very happy with the result.

Photo 3 

This patient attended with a worn dentition and requested a more youthfull appearance.

Photo 4 

With a combination of teeth whitening and crown work we managed to restore both the functionality and aesthetics to reproduce a more youthfull appearance . 

Dental Implant 1

Before  Congenitally Missing lateral incisors, this patient attended with damaged Maryland bridges and requested replacement with dental implants.

Dental Implant 2

After tissue moulding the emergence profile of both lateral incisors look  natural cosmetic crowns produced a very happy patient.

Dental Implant 3

This gentlemen unfortunately had his front tooth avulsed due to an accident. Due to the large buccal bone defect bone grafting and tissue manipulation with a temporary crown and abutment was used to enhance the emergence profile.

Dental Implant 4

The final crown was then placed and includes as much detail and character to produce a very natural aesthetic result. 

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