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Here at RHDP our Dental healthcare treatments and tooth care range from Braces to Dentures, Dental Implants, Bridges & Crowns, Teeth Straightening, Cosmetic Dentistry & much much more.

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Facial Aestetics

At RHD facial rejuvenation clinic we can offer you a variety of facial rejuvenation services for a younger looking face.

Teeth straightening

We know the importance of your smile and we can help you get that perfect smile that you've always wanted.

General dentistry

Here at RHD we offer a full service of general dentistry. Full service dentistry eliminates your need to travel to multiple offices to receive all of your dental care.

Bridges and dentures

At RHD we offer a range of options for replacing missing teeth. One of these options is a bridge which works with a crown .....

Dental implants

Can you implant happiness? Dental implants are now becoming the preferred option by most to replace missing teeth.

Smile design and Crowns

Our crown and cosmetic treatments are crafted artistically to blend flawlessly with the remaining teeth in your mouth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is fast becoming the most sought after cosmetic procedure. We can offer offer both in surgery and home whitening procedures.

Advanced dental care

Patients in need of multi-disciplinary work can be reassured that our combined 155 years of experience is enough to tackle any of your dental problems.